1 -  Replicated CDs vs Duplicated CDs?!

CD duplication involves burning discs to CD-Rs. This is basically just like burning a CD from home, but companies will burn larger quantities quickly for artists and often offer on-disc printing to make it look a little more professional than a hand-written Sharpie. Typically, duplication is done in smaller quantities (“short run CD duplication”) somewhere between 100 and 500 discs. Many artists search the web for CD duplication services, not realizing that they actually want CD replication instead.

CD replication involves actually manufacturing and pressing discs based on a master provided by the artist (as opposed to burning onto existing CD-R discs like in the duplication process). Replication is the process that makes the CDs by major artists that you find in stores. If you’re a serious Record Label/artist looking to have a professional product to try to sell to as many people as possible, get your CD replicated.

​2 - How do I do my CD’s Artwork?

Let us know what packaging format you have in mind and we will e-mail you our templates and instructions – build your artwork in order to fit the templates and everything will be fine! We offer graphic design service under a budget.

3- Do you produce\ revise my artwork for me?

Yes! Ask us for prices.

​4 - Can you do our master CD, do you remaster\ edit our sound?

Yes! We have a professional sound engineer in our team we can do it for you under a budget!

5 - Do you provide barcodes?

To sell your product in stores, you will need a UPC\EAN bar code. To buy one yourself would cost A LOT and would take several weeks. We'll give you a genuine unique UPC bar code that can be tracked by any distributor or retailer inventory system for only 10€.​

6 - Turnaround times – How many days will you take to produce and ship me my CD?

We take from 2 weeks to 3 weeks to produce and deliver the CD to you. You will be informed of the exact turnaround time before your place your order.

​7 - How and when do I pay my order?

CDs - As soon as we receive and revise your order we will send you the invoice. New costumers may pay their invoice before production starts. You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.

​8 - How do you deliver the CDs/vinyl to our address, can I pick them up?

Portuguese costumers from our local area can pick them up at our warehouse, for all the others we ship them though Chronopost, GLS or other similar currier.