We Love making vinyls and CDs! 


Welcome to NNPmedia.com! After being in business as a record label and mail-order NNP Media decided to expand its activity in the music industry as a CD\DVD and Vinyl broker! 

NNP Media started as an underground record label in 1992.

We keep things simple!

- We provide support, templates and technical help.

- We have additional " Low cost" services such as artwork conception or revising, audio editing\ mastering, barcodes...  

 We have quality, price and a huge variety of products!

- 7", 10" and 12" Vinyl in small runs of 250 copies. 

- Colored vinyl, Splatter vinyl and picture discs. 

- All kinds of CD packaging from regular jewel cases to the most elaborated boxsets.

- Small runs of 300 CDs for Digipacks.

- Special prices for record labels  and regular customers! We want you to be back!