1 – Do I really need test pressings?

Yes! Test presses are part of the vinyl pressing process, the full pressing process starts after the costumer give us his written approval to the test presses. To cut some time in the pressing process the costumer can skip this test pressing approval process, but in this case, no claims regard the sound etc. will be accepted.

2 – Turnaround times, how long will you take to press my record?

From 6 to 8 weeks! It will depend of the work we have on the line. Before Christmas or before Record Day for example there is a slight increase in the vinyl orders, so we may need a few more weeks to produce your record, on the other hand, there is times when the demand is not so much and it will be possible to shorten the turnaround. Our average is 8 weeks but a more precise turnaround time will be given to you when ordering. We strongly recommend everyone to plan your record releases with plenty of time.

3 – What king of mastering process do you use as default?

Our records have a DMM (direct metal master) mastering process by default, if you prefer to have your record with a Lacquer Mastering there will be a surcharge, (check our Vinyl Extras price list).

4 - What’s the maximum length per side?

We recommend not to go over 20 min per side but it’s possible to press up to 23 min per side. 

5 – Do you press 100 or 200 records only?

No! Our minimun run is 250 records!

6 – Why are your 7” records so expensive?

 All process of pressing a 7” record is the same as a 12” record. There is not a big difference in the DMM cost which is a big share of the overall cost of the record production, than apart from the vinyl used all other costs like energy and even the time needed to produce the records are almost the same.  

7 – I don’t need a printed inner sleeve I’d rather use an insert or a poster. Do you produce it?

Yes! Ask us for a quote.

8 – Do you have a color catalogue for vinyl?

Yes we have!  Attention your final vinyl color may vary a bit from the one you see in the catalog!

9 – Do you have templates?

Shure, check out templates page or as soon as we agree to press a record we will email you all the templates you need for your record.

​10 - Can you do our master, do you remaster\ edit our sound?

Yes! We have a professional sound engineer in our team we can do it for you under a budget!

11 - Do you provide barcodes?

To sell your product in stores, you will need a UPC\EAN bar code. We can provide you a genuine unique UPC bar code that can be tracked by any distributor or retailer inventory system for only 10€.​

12 - How do you deliver the vinyl to our address, can I pick them up?

Portuguese costumers from our local area can pick them up at our warehouse, for all the others we ship them though Chronopost, GLS or other similar currier.

11 - How and when do I pay my order?

50% of the payment at the moment you place your order, the remaining 50% in the week before we ship you the goods!  You can pay by bank transfer or paypal.

Vinyl FAQs